Keeping the price low is important. We know how costly car wash equipment can be. UDIT wanted to deliver the best value payment system on the market. Best value doesn't always reflect just price, we also considered installation costs and equipment down time. So we built CCmini to minimize installation costs . Additionally CCmini also checks itself every 30 secs to confirm it's in good health and tries to repair any issues detected

A car wash is a harsh  environment for electronic equipment. We decided to remove any components that would get damaged by water or vandals. So NO LCD screen and no flashing lights. Just one light embedded behind a solid plastic shell to confirm approval. Simple Design means less problems, longer lasting and  cheap to replace if those vandals come around.


Creating a Tap n Go credit device for a car wash meant talking to you,  the people who operate car washes around Australia. Lots of ideas had been considered in the design, operation and construction, but that doesn't mean we're done listening. We go into mass production with the CCmini in  2018 so you can still tell us how to make it even better

Your customer's satisfaction keeps your business going. Having CCmini installed on your Self Service Bays, Dog Washes, Change Machines, Vacuums and Vending allows them to have the ability to easily pay using a Credit Card. Happy customers means a prosperous car wash.

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