Welcome to Uwash the alternative replacement to Swipe n Clean. This system is completely retro fit-able to your current SnC system. With a minimal cost to you. At a starting price of $2,995 ex GST Uwash is about to bring your carwash to the 21st Century. 

What makes Uwash the next evolution to car wash systems? In the first pre release UDIT replaces the equipment with new technology ($2995). Removing the old touch screen to a new one and replacing the primary processor. Additionally we have replaced the customer user interface by adding a Promotion screen. This allows car wash operators to Advertise weekly specials. 

Upgrade to the new Alternative for

Swipe n Clean

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Part 2 of the release will be the full replacement upgrade of the software in mid 2018. With a Tap n Go Credit Card facility, online reporting system, Fleet System tap system (Estimated $2500). 


Part 3 of the release will allow for a full overhaul of your car wash by bring "Zero Wire" technology. Reducing operational costs. This release is expected by 2020

We want your Ideas to make this the best Car wash system on the market. Please contact us 

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