Should my business go to the cloud?

These days business are moving to the cloud simply because IT professionals tell you that its better and cheaper. So what is cloud ? and is it better or cheaper ?

Historically business ran servers from their geographic locations. These servers operated the organisations email services , files and software systems to mention a few. As the internet has become faster you can now move to these systems to data centers around the world. In simple terms your server got move out of your building to the cloud. 

So how does moving to the cloud help you ?  Firstly you no longer have to maintain physical equipment. So that saves you money "Right?" . Not quite. Moving to a cloud system may end up costing you much more in the long term. You still need to maintain the operational state of your cloud platform, you also have to pay your monthly hosting fees and you still have to backup your data. Not to mention having to upgrade to faster internet services that can cost much more then you think. 

So don't move to cloud ? Unfortunately it's not that simple. Most new software platforms can only be operated on the cloud so you may not have a choice.  There are many other reason that cloud can work for your business however.

How do I know if I should move to cloud?

The easiest way to work this out is to just ask us. We believe that there are pro's and con's with moving to the cloud and these differ for every organisation. UDIT offers a free consultation that will help you make that decision.

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