Simple really, UDIT takes care of all or some of your business technology needs without you having to worry about a thing. We can manage your computers, servers, data, phones & accounts, email systems, software, online systems including websites and eCommerce, cloud services & much more . 

Managed ICT

What is Managed ICT ?

What is the Cost ?

ICT industry fees do vary between ICT providers. This is generally based on what ICT (Information Communications Technologies) your business needs to be covered for.  The average support coverage is normally  for computers, desk phones, mobile devices with  included maintenance & support for your internet services, Network infrastructure, Backup, Email and Data services. Why not use our cost ICT estimator. Tell us the quantities of hardware &  locations:

How Do I find out more ?

At UDIT we don't like pushy sales people. just because you're asking a question does not mean you want to be pestered with annoying sales calls.

With a simple call we'll answer all the questions you may have or better yet use our chat service located in the Main Menu above