Are you using the right communications?

Why bother changing?

How do I find out more ?

UDIT is not a service provider so we won't try to sell you our services instead we work with hundreds of services provider to find you the right communication services that suits your operation. Just call 03 9080 3500 and we'll give real answers straight away. No pushy sales people just simple solutions. 

There are 2 primary types of communications that all businesses operate on . One is "Voice". This allows your phone system, faxes and security to work.  The other is "Data" which is used for your internet, links to other branches and VPN services. These days without communication systems your business can not function. So you would think that bad communications would restrict your organisation from operating at it's full potential.


On the other hand you may be paying for more then you need. Our team has helped  business reduce their voice and data costs by significant amounts. In some cases we were able to reduce businesses phone service costs by 87% and data costs by 42% annually often resulting in faster and clearer communications. Don't believe  it ! Only takes one phone call to UDIT to find out.