Which ICT equipment is right for my business?

Need to buy a server, laptop, desktop computer, portable devices, phone system, network hardware or any other ICT equipment but not sure which one works for you. At UDIT we offer a simple free service that helps you determine which BRANDS and MODELS will achieve what you require. We'll even quote you a price. 

As there are lots of different IT hardware you can purchase 

Here is a simple example on why it's important to get the right advise

LAPTOP : Let say that you need a laptop for one of your sales people. Simply buying the same unit that you normally buy for everyone else may not be the right solution. Does the sales person use the laptop outside your business, well in that case it's a good idea to get the laptop with inbuilt 4G mobile broadband.Do they require to do presentations to potential clients. Well getting a laptop with a large screen may be a good idea. UDIT will ask the questions before you make your decision.

Why ask UDIT?

How do I find out more ?

At UDIT we don't like pushy sales people. just because you're asking a question does not mean you want to be pestered with annoying sales calls.

With a simple call we'll answer all the questions you may have or better yet use our chat service located in the Main Menu above. We'll even provide you a quote so you can compare against your standard hardware suppliers. Try us out and save!